Instruction Guide


Our LED Panels can bend! But folding and rolling up them too tightly can cause damage.

Completely remove the LED Panels and Electronics before washing. If garments with panels inside get wet, turn off battery and remove them from the garment immediately.

The batteries included have hard casings to keep them protected from puncturing: however, batteries can always pose a safety threat if damaged. If the battery casing damaged, or if at any point the battery becomes warm: turn off and remove immediately from the body.  Our factory are experts at making LED Wearable Products and we make sure they are safe.  However, products are used at the user’s at own risk and The Led Hat does not take responsibility for damages or injuries from their use or misuse.


The Matrix panels charge with a Micro-USB connector (included in orders and commonly available). When the panel is fully charged, the battery symbol will be filled in. The garments can not be operated while charging.

Press and hold the small button near the controller to turn on.


Our Small Version of the LED Masks uses the app Cool Carnival.

Our Big Version of the LED Masks uses the app  CoolLed1248.

They are both available through Google Play and the Apple Store.

Note: the app is currently developed by a 3rd party and there are some unpolished aspects of the app, we hope to develop a new, more user friendly version of the app in future!

Note: We are aware that some users who know have iOS 14 are having issues, please give us some time for our 3rd party developer to fix the issue, they are working on it.  There will be a new version of the apps on the Apple Store ASAP.



If you are using the Cool Carnival App, when you open the app, select the bluetooth icon on the top right corner and then turn on the mask.  The mask serial number should appear.  Select the mask, and when connection is successful, the time on the mask should be the same as your phone.

If you are using the CoolLed1248 App, go to the “Settings” tab of the app and select “Device Connection”.

Under “Connect Device” you’ll see a serial number (if you have more than one panel turned on, you will see multiple: it can be helpful to label the back of the panel with the serial number so you know which is which).



On the Cool Carnival app, you can draw your own animations using the "Doodling" tab. Or you can select the preset animations and pictures using the, "Picture" tab.

On the CoolLed1248 app, the app comes with pre-set designs and animations. To load a up an animation, just tap on the animation of choice.

To draw your own, tap on the “Graffiti” tab. Tap the “+” button in the top right to start a new design. Draw, erase, and zoom in on the design with the tools at the bottom. Once completed, you can change the effects by cycling through the options at the bottom.



On the Cool Carnival app, you can type is the text you by selecting the "Character Tab".

On the CoolLed1248 app, add text in the middle “text” tab. Press the + button to add new text. Once your text is finished, tap “YES” to confirm. Once completed, you can change the effects by cycling through the options at the bottom.



On the Cool Carnival app, you can can select equalizer mode from your voice or music from your phone using the "Music" tab.

On the CoolLed 1248 app, the equalizer displays dynamic effects responding to music on your phone. Tap the “Music” icon in the bottom tab to initiate the equalizer function.

You can also have the panel respond to microphone input on your phone. Access this with the microphone icon in the top right. With this method you can have the panel responding to sound or music in real-time as long as your phone is nearby.